Bluelight is a LED curing CIPP lining system for laterals and small wastewater-pipes. It works in a diameter-range between 100mm and 250mm (from 4 inch to 10 inch) and can perform bends up to 90 degrees. The curing is realized by a set of LED's operating in the wavelength of blue light (450 nm). The liner-carrier is based on flexible felt with a PU coating.

The resin is based on a styrene free vinyl-ester backbone with a patented photo-inititator that reacts only in the wavelength of the light-heads LEDs. The system offers many advantages compared to existing systems, which mainly use epoxy-resins cured with steam, water or surrounding temperatures.

As a system-supplier Bluelight covers harmonized installation technique and liner-materials out of one hand. The system combines the advantages of felt-carriers with light cure and offers approved working solutions for the special needs and circumstances found in laterals and small diameter wastewater pipes.

LED vs. heat curing of laterals



LED curing