Approval from WRC


Assessment Schedule for the BLUELIGHT PAA-F Liner LED Cured-in-Place Pipe lining systems as manufactured by BLUELIGHT GmbH

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General approval from DIBT (German institute for civil technics) with the number Z-42.3-528


Pipe liner identified as "PAA-F-Liner" for the renovation of damaged underground sewers with nominal sizes between DN 100 and DN 250 with LED light curing

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The F-liner has an approval from DIBT (German Civil Engineering Institute).


To get the approval from DIBT a wide range of tests had been cleared according to the following standards:


Control of raw materials:  

  • Property or resin through testing of viscosity ac. to DIN EN ISO 3219, density ac. to DIN 51757, bending properties ac. to DIN EN ISO 178, pulling properties ac. to DIN EN ISO 572-2, thermo-stability ac. to DIN EN ISO 75-2 A.
  • Liner-carrier through testing of area density an wall-thickness ac. to DIN EN ISO 9864 / DIN EN ISO 9863-1 and FT-IR spectroscopy ac. to ASTM D 5576.

Control of cured liner:

  • Leak-tide-testing of laminate ac. to DIN EN 1610.
  • Wall-thickness and regular structure.
  • Content of resin ac. to DIN EN ISO 1172.
  • Water uptake ac. to DIN EN ISO 62.
  • Specific weight ac. to DIN EN ISO 1183-1.
  • Short-time ring-stiffness and E-module ac. to DIN EN 1228.
  • Long-term apex-pressure test to measure reduction factor A1 ac. to DIN EN 761 (control of long-term stand-alone properties after 10.000 hours laboratory simulating 50-years real usage).
  • Short-term E-module ac. to DIN EN ISO 178 in combination with DIN EN ISO 11296-4.
  • Creep-affinity after 24 hours ac. to DIN EN ISO 899-2.
  • Mechanical properties ac. to dynamical-mechanical-analysis (DMA).
  • Abrasion ac. to DIN EN 295-3 (Darmstädter Kipprinne) and high-pressure-cleaning test ac. to DIN 19523.
  • Resistance to chemical impact of sewage-water ac. to DIN 1986-3 and DIN EN ISO 175. After 28 days of chemical Impact tests were performed to measure change of mass ac. to DIN EN ISO 175, strucutral properties ac. to DIN EN ISO 527-4 and impact resistance ac. to DIN EN ISO 179-1.
  • Compressive strenght ac. to DIN EN ISO 604.
  • Stretch-ability of coating ac. to DIN EN ISO 527-1.